australian flag

Australian Slang
part of a shirt, which has come untucked and hangs out over the trousers

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  • Australian flag — /əstreɪljən flæg/ (say uhstraylyuhn flag) noun Colloquial the bottom of one s shirt when it has come out from one s trousers …   Australian English dictionary

  • Australian flag — part of a shirt, which has come untucked and hangs out over the trousers …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • Australian flag debate — The Australian flag debate is a low key but persistent debate over whether the Australian flag should be changed in order to remove the Union Flag from the canton, often in connection with the issue of republicanism in Australia. This debate has… …   Wikipedia

  • Queen's Personal Australian Flag — The Queen s Personal Australian Flag, sometimes known as the Royal Standard of Australia is the personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II in her role as Queen of Australia. The flag was approved for use in 1962. It is only used by the Queen when she is …   Wikipedia

  • flag — I. /flæg / (say flag) noun 1. a piece of cloth, commonly bunting, of varying size, shape, colour, and device, usually attached by one edge to a staff or cord, and used as an ensign, standard, symbol, signal, decoration, display, etc. 2. a pennant …   Australian English dictionary

  • Flag of New Zealand — Use National flag and state ensign …   Wikipedia

  • Australian national flag — noun a flag consisting of five white stars of the Southern Cross and the white, seven pointed Commonwealth star on a blue background with a Union Jack in canton. This flag evolved from the winning design in a national competition held after… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Flag of Denmark — Name Dannebrog Use Civil and state flag and civil ensign …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of the Faroe Islands — Flag of Faroe Islands Name Merkið Use National flag and civil ensign …   Wikipedia

  • flag-wagging — /ˈflæg wægɪŋ/ (say flag waging) noun 1. Nautical signalling by the use of hand flags, especially at sea. 2. excessive patriotic zeal; flag waving. –adjective 3. flag waving …   Australian English dictionary

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